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Teflon Bonding Kit

High bond strength
Works on many plastics

No handling issues

Easy to use

Price Per Kit= $189.00

Un-paralleled adhesive technology combined with an industry proven flouro-polymer etchant make up our worldwide distributed Teflon Bonding Kit. We use our technology to bond dynamically to many of the industries PTFE surfaces with adhesion that is incomparable. Combined with our adhesives, the Etchant we employ chemically alters the surface, wetting, and bonding to all flouropolymers including: PTFE’s, PFA’s, FEP’s, ETFE’s, PVDF’s and many more.

We encourage our Customers to tailor their Kit to their specific needs by custom-picking their adhesive to match their application. This includes all our off the shelf BONDiT products making your Teflon Bonding Kit fully customizable and ready to give your application the bond strength it needs now.

BONDiT/SEALiT A and C line products can be combined at an extra cost to boost bond strengths in certain cases giving your project the superior bonding capabilities that are unsurpassed in the market. We have technicians standing by to provide outstanding assistance for you to find the best products for your project.

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Need Help? (855) we-BONDiT