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Our Commitment

"While solving the insolvable with extraordinary customer service, 
we stick to you forever." ™  



We are a high performance adhesive, sealants and coatings manufacturer that solves the insolvable with extraordinary customer service and sticks to you forever.

RELTEK is committed to creating a world of health and well being which is the expression of love present in a world powerfully living in miracles.

Customers, employees, suppliers, associates, and investors of RELTEK are the manifestation of that commitment.

Employees are considered the life of the organization - all which is valuable is produced by the thoughts, speaking and actions of employees supported by a structure empowering integrity.

Personal growth is encouraged, even stressed -- growth meaning development of all of the human potential—moral character, personality, community service, talents, and material management practices.

RELTEK reflects a family style in its organization and operations—strong mutually supportive ties, a willingness for everyone to work with and on behalf of each other.

RELTEK structure of administration is flexible in accepting and fostering creativity and leadership initiative without compromising sound principles of morals and administration that promotes the overall health of the organization.

RELTEK is committed to financial vitality, which is the capability of growing and developing when supported by financial well being. Financial vitality is achieved with the principles of management for abundance and generosity, and fulfillment of financial obligations with integrity.

RELTEK is committed to serving a world market. Service means implementation of the principles of ISO 9001 sourced through the partnership of employees. 

RELTEK, LLC is certified to ISO 9001:2015 

Certificate No.: 20121
Certified by Systems Certification Body(SCB)™
  - an IAPMO Company(ANAB Accredited)


RELTEK is committed to giving back a generous share of what it has received from that which it did not create - the earth and all life.

Winning companies gain their competitive edge by employing innovative systems.  

We supply state-of-the-art technology to support your company's commitment to leadership within your markets.

Leading edge technology, combined with a total quality management team, is the key to creating and maintaining markets.

Your company gains a competitive edge by employing our innovative technology. You can now serve customers by giving them power to accomplish what they may not otherwise achieve. Investment in cost effective, innovative solutions is the stepping stone to profitability. This technological edge is the impetus producing long term growth.

RELTEK products and services support companies and their desire for leadership within their markets. We are committed to the success of your company! We can help you move beyond current technology, helping you design and implement timely and effective solutions which will substantially impact your markets and support your company's operations.

Let RELTEK support your growth in leading edge technology.

RELTEK products address issues which demand innovation in world markets: the environment, safety, health and infrastructure. We are committed to leading edge technology which supports the health and well being of all cultures.

RELTEK develops analytical and empirical Accelerated Life Testing (ALT) technology for surface and underwater product development for military, commercial and nuclear products. ALT technology dramatically reduces new product development time from years to months. Costs are significantly reduced and product confidence increased!

RELTEK offers the highest level of technological support and engineering services for products and product development, particularly for harsh environments:

  • Polymer to metal bonding products for downhole oil, underwater, automotive, industrial, chemical, medical and marine environments
  • Bonding of dissimilar polymers, such as fluoropolymers and polyethylene
  • Long-life anti-corrosion coatings for all metals
  • Adhesives and coatings for cathodic/anodic environments
  • Electronic component and mini-sensor encapsulants, sealants and packaging for harsh environments
  • Electrical cable splicing kits for marine and downhole oil
  • Accelerated life testing (ALT) for harsh environments.
  • Product application specific formulation development and manufacturing process engineering and consulting services
  • Adhesive, sealing and coating services


Need to solve it? RELTEKiT.


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