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Harsh Environments


All RELTEK products are designed to be especially suited to Harsh Environments such as high impact and abrasion forces, stresses from large thermal cycling differentials (-50F to 600 F) high humidity and continuous submersion in high pH (caustic-alkaline-basic) and low pH (acidic) harsh chemical or salt water. High voltage, mechanical vibration, shock and impact are successfully accommodated within both interior and exterior environments.

Market applications by example, are assembly of dissimilar materials and difficult to bond substrates that can survive in harsh environments, such a s decade long submersion in the bottom of the ocean, down hole oil wells, arctic water ,sewage, waste and recycle, and harsh chemical corrosive and industrial conditions.


A leader in the design, manufacture and deployment of pigging equipment contracted with RELTEK to develop an electrical cable assembly using Bondit B-4X series encapsulant that could withstand the harsh chemical environments inherent in pigging pipe lines, crude oil and gas pipelines.

An industrial manufacturing company used the B-536TH adhesive to bond and seal small PVC tubing to Acetal (Delrin) for application in aviation pilot’s flight helmets.

The Port of Seattle solved the problem, using Bondit B-45TH adhesive, of attaching large sheets of UHMW to steel barges as a bumper system for docking.

One of the largest manufacturers of seismic cables successfully used RELTEK A-3 adhesion promoter to bond polyurethane overmolding to treated aluminum substrate, in conjunction with electronic components, to seal Hydrophones.

The result, provided years of protection against constant on the deck exposure to extreme Antarctic Ocean and equatorial sun temperatures.

A major medical products manufacturer utilized RELTEK A-43 adhesion promoter to provide a cohesive bond of thermoplastic urethane to stainless steel components in their disposable medical device for cardiac surgery.

Harsh Environments