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1. What special steps do I need to take to bond to PTFE, such as TEFLONTM, or any other substrate?
2. How can I find the right RELTEK product for the type of substrates I am working with?
3. Do I need to prepare the surfaces I am working with before applying the product?
4. How long do the epoxies take to cure?
5. Who is the best person to speak with about my application needs?
6. What information does Tech Support need from me to help their recommendation of the right product for my application needs?



1. Can you custom design a product and formulate it to suit my needs and if so, who holds the patent?
2. Who is the best person to speak with about custom product manufacture?



1. Can you help me to select a product?
2. Can I see a list of technical information that will help me with my design?
3. Do you have any general bonding information?



1. Do you provide engineering and product application development?
2. During the product development/ application phase how will I be involved?
3. Can you tell me more about RELTEK?
4. Do you have a listing of services available to me?



1. Once I know the correct product to use, what size quantities are available and pricing?
2. Who should I speak with about product delivery and payment terms?
3. Do you provide international shipping and delivery?
4. Can you provide a sample quote?



1. Can I test the product before I purchase larger quantities?
2. What surface areas do the products cover?



1. What product application and safety documentation is available?
2. Can I get product documentation for review before I make a final purchase?
3. Do you have a brochure describing the product line?