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By Product Chemistry

Epoxy Products

These two part epoxies specialize in bonding dissimilar materials and many plastics and rubbers. They excel in sea water applications and resist most solvents, alcohol, acids and alkalis.

B4X Series: they handle harsh environments easily with outstanding effectiveness against moisture, salt water, acids, alkalis, oils and corrosive gases. They have an operating temperature from -50 F to +350 F. Some uses include potting and cable terminations subject to salt water.
B4XTH Series: Combined with our epoxy resins the patented silicate blend gives them an opaque flow control with very low VOC issues. The major benefit results in a more controlled application and gravitational flow.
B5X Series: they are a more efficient alternative to mechanical encasing. Sealants provide a barrier between the equipment and the environment. It is highly suitable for electronics applications. On cooling it transitions into a semi rigid state providing high strength, impact and shock resistance. It cures in 10 minutes at 170 F .
B5xTH Series: Our thixotropic technology thickens the epoxy resins to a higher viscosity for better control of gravitational flow in those hard to reach areas. They have very low VOC issues. This silicate blend can also be enhanced to obtain a higher viscosity at the users request.
B7X Series: this product series possesses low viscosity, high strength, and semi rigid characteristics. It excels in harsh environments with up to a 600 degree F temperature range and thermally cures in 10 minutes at 135 F. It is suitable for clear coat, conformal coating and electrical potting applications.

Silane Products

These silane coatings can be used in conjunction with many polymers for improved chemical, impact and environmental resistance.

A-X Series: Offer a wide range of capabilities for promoting moisture resistant chemical bonding between minerals and polymers. They can be used as a primer and as an adhesive and primer coat when combined with other BONDiT coatings. When used as an adhesive it provides thin bond lines (1/2 mil) in glass to glass or glass to polyethylene bonding.
C-X Series: are an all around general purpose one part primer, adhesion promoter and adhesive. They offer a wide range of capabilities for promoting chemical bonding between coatings, sealants and adhesives. They are especially suitable for military applications and greatly increase bond strength and lap shear results.
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