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A-3 Adhesion Promoter, Primer, Adhesive

Bondable Substrates

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A-3 is a high performance, high temperature moisture resistant, primer, adhesive, adhesion promoter and additive used with metals, glass & ceramics, elastomers and polymers.

A-3 offers a wide range of capabilities for promoting moisture resistance chemical bonding between minerals and polymers, as well as dissimilar polymers. It is used as a primer coat and additive for other BONDiT coatings and encapsulants.

A-3 may be used as an additive to other coatings, fiber fills, and adhesives to promote superior improvement in performance in harsh environments.

A-3 is suitable for bonding semiconductor material and is especially suitable for military applications such as submarines, cable-connectors for cathodic environments.

Used as adhesive for very thin bond lines (½ mil) such as for glass-to-glass and glass-to-polyethylene bonding.

Compatible for use with BONDiT B-4X epoxy series. Ambient cure 60 minutes or accelerated thermal cure. Water white to slight amber.

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