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B-4811 Adhesive, Potting Compound & Coating System

Bondable Substrates

Plastics including UHMW, HDPE, PP, PET, PEEK,PPS, PBT, Acetal, ETFE, PVC, PVCF, PVDF, ABS,ECTFE, polyamide, polyimide rubber and urethane on metal, glass, composites, cement, and wood.

Uses: Potting, Paint, Coating, Primer, Adhesive, Semi-rigid two-part filled epoxy, 2:1 ratio

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B-4811 is specifically designed for potting, coating, and adhesive applications for electronics and electrical assemblies, environmental sealing, coating for corrosion resistance, bonding engineering plastics and elastomers to various substrates in extreme environmental conditions.

B-4811 has high thermal stability, readily handling 200°C continuous and is rated for downhole oil and deep-sea applications. B-4811 offers superior corrosion resistance in extreme environmental conditions. Likewise mechanical vibration, shock and impact are easily absorbed by B-4811 while protecting surfaces, bonded assemblies and encapsulated sensitive electronics. B-4811 is suitable for at least 500 cycles of autoclaving in medical applications.

B-4811 when used in conjunction with BONDiT A-3 affords exceptional corrosion protection for metal surfaces, especially in cathodic / anodic environments. BONDiT A-3/B-4811 to metal adhesion resists pH 11.0 levels at elevated temperatures of 95°C. With excellent dielectric properties, B-4811 may be used as an electrical encapsulant for high voltage applications. It may then be overmolded with urethanes, high temperature and pressure elastomeric, and thermoplastics molding.

B-4811 is especially suited for military applications.

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